How to Bypass the Restrictions Password on iOS


With iOS, Apple includes a number of parental control tools, which can be used to disable or limit many iOS functions. But what if you accidentally lock yourself out on your own device, someone else adds one to your device without your permission, or you add one on purpose, but forget the password? The solution is simple; you need to crack the password. This tutorial will teach you exactly how this is done.

Things You'll Need


Step 1

Download iBackupBot to your computer from this website.

Step 2

Install, then run it.

Step 3

Select your device, then navigate to System Files/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/com.apple.restrictionspassword.plist

Step 4

Find RestrictionsPasswordKey and RestrictionsPasswordSalt.

Step 5

Go to this webpage.

Step 6

At the bottom of the webpage, there are four fields: RestrictionsPasswordKey, RestrictionsPasswordSalt, Starting Passcode and End Passcode. Put the info from iBackupBot (RestrictionsPasswordKey and RestrictionsPasswordSalt) in the appropriate field. If you know the password is higher and/or lower than a certain number, you can set up the Starting Passcode and End Passcode fields. If you don't have any clue, or you don't know what those fields do, then just leave them at 0000 and 9999, respectively.

Step 7

Wait for the website to get the password. Do not leave the webpage. Leave the webpage open, do not switch screens to go to a different app.

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Step 8

Once the website has found the password, use it to unlock, and then disable or change your restrictions.


That's it, you've broken into the restrictions on iOS! If you like these tutorials or you want to hear more from me, please follow me on Twitter @JustinAlexP.